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This depends on the scale of the project and will be discussed during your initial meeting (and throughout the renovation process) however we can give you a good estimate once your plans/designs have been finalized.

Depending on the size of the project, we normally request an initial payment (due at the signing of the contract), stage payments (if necessary) during the renovation process, and a final payment due at completion.

No. In order to give you an accurate quote we would need to view the area that needs working on as each project is completely different to the next. We think it’s important for you to meet with us ‘face to face’ and feel comfortable about us working in your property, and we can also provide you with more ideas about what designs would work best if we can see the space concerned.

Although we do our best to keep our work areas as tidy as possible, there will probably be a certain amount of dust generated by our work which may find its way to other areas of the house.

Most paint manufacturers produce their colour chips in a low sheen, so if you want to see what the colour will look like in an eggshell or semi-gloss just wet the colour chip with water.